Feminists’ manipulation of the Wikipedia entry on J4MB

Yesterday we published a short piece, Feminists’ manipulation of Wikipedia content. We thank HEqual for posting the following comments in relation to the J4MB entry:

I know a thing or two about Wikipedia and while you’ve done well to notice recent changes you’ve missed some key information, not to mention the most serious smear and rule violation of all.

The changes you mention really aren’t too bad by feminist standards but I took a look at the identify of the editor who made them and found they had the following Wikipedia interests:

Countering systemic bias (basically a feminist attempt to introduce article about totally insignificant women)

Obviously that set the alarms bells ringing quite furiously, so I decided to examine their edits of the article more closely. The key edits are not the changes they made to the main body text, but alterations to which categories J4MB is placed in. For one thing they’ve removed you from the category “Children’s rights organisations in the United Kingdom” which is clearly totally against common sense particularly given your prioritisation of MGM as your number one issue. However, it gets better, and their very first edit was to add J4MB to the category “misogyny”.

So, despite the name and all your work, J4MB isn’t concerned with children at all and is just about women hating as seen by actual Wikipedia categorisations!

To be honest I’m surprised it took feminists this long to attack and ruin the J4MB article, and at least you had from April 2015 to the 31st of December without being smeared on there.

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