Second article in the Newcastle local press about Vera Baird’s anti-male domestic abuse posters

Our thank to John for pointing us to this.

I posted three or four comments in response to the original piece, here. Only the first, on the issue of fathers’ access to children after family breakdowns, was published. Three subsequent comments – challenging other commenters’ claims that the overwhelming majority of domestic violence victims are women – were never published, and were discarded by the Moderator. My last comment was in response to comments by ‘Thistle’, she ended with this:

It’s not a shame the campaign focuses on female victims of male violence, it’s a shame that it’s the case 90% of the time.

My rejected comment was this:

90% of female victims of domestic violence are women? Nonsense. For years the British Crime Survey has been reporting that around 40% of victims are male, and that’s surely an under-estimate because men are far less likely to recognise themselves as victims, and accordingly less likely to report it, even in a survey. It’s likely the majority of victims are male. If you add in male suicides occasioned by domestic violence, more men than women die as a result of it.

A huge number of studies over decades have shown that women are at least as physically aggressive as men towards opposite-sex intimate partners. There’s plenty of support available for female victims and their children, virtually nothing for male victims and their children.

It’s long been known that the highest rates of violence happens in lesbian couples. How do you explain that, with your ‘men are violent, women aren’t’ angle?

I invite you to learn the truth about DV – not the feminist lies – by clicking on the ‘Key posts’ section of my political party’s website, and scrolling down to the Domestic Violence section.

I wish and you a happy and healthy 2016.

Mike Buchanan


(and the women who love them)

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