Virginia Blackburn: 45 minutes of utterly vacuous drivel – three shrieking female ‘comedians’ – on Woman Sour

Our thanks to Jeff for this. An extract:

The women shrieked with laughter despite the fact that nothing even remotely amusing was said during the course of the show, gave each other sweets as prizes and all in all made themselves sound about as trivial and shallow as ever a gaggle of women has ever managed. Frankly it beggared belief.

This is just the latest example of the BBC giving far too much airtime to unfunny female ‘comedians’, whether as token women on game show panels, or elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Blackburn: 45 minutes of utterly vacuous drivel – three shrieking female ‘comedians’ – on Woman Sour

  1. I’d like to re-post on Facebook but I failed to bow down and pay homage to the Feminazis. Clearly, the penalty for daring to argue with a mangina is you’re gone. OK Guy is no more!G.Sent from my Huawei Mobile

  2. PS: I noticed that Mizzz Blackburn does not object to the ‘objectification’ of Aidan Turner in a photograph one might expect to find in the pages of a magazine for precocious teenaged girls. She complains of the ‘vacuous drivel’ offered in the Woman’s Hour programme yet shows herself to be just as infantile as the ‘comedienne’s she found so embarrassing.

  3. Give a woman a chance to prove she’s your equal and she will prove exactly the opposite.

    Some years ago I read a letter to one of the motoring magazines in which a woman complained that cars were designed by men for men and didn’t suit women. Remembering that many women find that their stomachs press against the steering when the seat is adjusted so that their feet can reach the pedals (my then wife suffered the same problem) I read on. She made no specific complaints just whined that cars were too masculine. Finally she came to the point: what she wanted was … PINK UPHOLSTERY. I swear it’s true.

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