Controlling partners face up to FIVE YEARS in jail: New law to criminalise psychological bullying within relationships

Our thanks to Mike for this. It’s the change in the law that Vera Baird QC is so delighted with, judging by her anti-male posters. From the article:

People who psychologically bully their partners now face a jail sentence of up to five years, thanks to a change in the Serious Crime Bill. The new law has made it a crime to act abusively, be controlling or coercive of your partner.

This includes stopping your partner accessing bank accounts…

The change in the law followed on from the Home Office’s cynical ‘consultation exercise’, which didn’t solicit input from academics with knowledge about domestic abuse. The entire exercise was a feminist-run sham. What else could we expect of a department led by Theresa May MP, who infamously posed for the Fawcett Society wearing their ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt? One of the images is here.

We publicly challenged Theresa May over the consultation exercise, and submitted a 154-page report, ‘Intimate Partner Violence: The Gender Bias Against Men in England and Wales’, and had nothing more than an acknowledgement of receipt of the documents. Both are accessible here.

13 thoughts on “Controlling partners face up to FIVE YEARS in jail: New law to criminalise psychological bullying within relationships

  1. I am very sorry Royce that you are so upset as to feel that.
    I sometimes speak of the pernicious damage done by femarxism, and this is a good example.
    Their aim is to split society along gender lines (rather than proletariate v. bourgeoisie as did the original Marxism) and take political advantage of the resulting damage – this is their plan.
    Of course, I don’t know your circumstances and they are none of my business anyway!
    But it may well be that your wife is entirely good and innocent person. I feel it would be sad to let femarxist strategy suceed by responding as THEY wish, to their poison.
    Perhaps some judicious advice to your son about the sometimes deceptive nature of life may be in order if you so decide, but that of course must be judged by only you (and not me!)
    My kind regards…

  2. This is fantastic…. Too many women are using theyr “hormones” as an excuse… I have been in a relationship where my ex even stopped me from putting my head up in public incase another woman walked by. It was horrific, I was stuck for 7 years and stayed for the sake of our son, when i finally broke free from her she never let me see my son. Its been 7 years now… She should have gone to jail for what she did to me. I think women use the “power of the pussy” to control a man. I am now gay and married to a man, Never will I touch a woman again. These controlling women need to be detained. All these women in power “who run the world, girls” need to sit down and realise that its turning the female race into a bunch of controlling bitches.

  3. Yes, quite so nrjnigel.
    Thank you for expanding my point,
    There is much that could and should be written about this law, which should really have men (and women of good will) up in arms on the streets, but people feel they have enough of life’s problems on their plates already.
    And so they do not, and will not, react until it becomes PERSONAL.
    The politicos know this and take advantage of it.
    Stories like various new strains of ‘flu’ and ‘terrorism’ to name just two, are blown up (ha ha) in the state influenced media to keep us worried and our concerns thus elsewhere – yes BBC I’ m looking at you – and the worst lying SCAM of the age, ‘Global Warming’, which has already been so soundly de-bunked it’s had to be rebranded as “climate change”.
    Yes, the climate has ALWAYS been ‘changing’. That’s what time does, brings change.
    But to return to the point, everyone should be clear that this new DV law is nothing less than a sharp knife aimed at the throats of men.
    It remains to be seen how much it’s used.

  4. Reading this article alone despite the fact this does not relate to me, makes me want to instantly divorce my wife, and warn my son to stay away from women. Don’t befriend them, fuck them, help them, marry them, love them or feel anything for them.

  5. Indeed. But any men’s organisations need to put effort into getting the message out there that for the first time there is a Domestic Abuse law and this is what it says. For the advantage women will have is a whole raft of publicity which encourages them to interpret their grievances as an offence to get the authorities involved with. It is to Crown in all its power that prosecutes.
    In all research men report less because they much more frequently regard their abuse as not a crime. They need for their own protect start taking seriously the new law, their rights under it (however hard to get the police and authorities to take this seriously). This is a law and a right that men need to know about.

  6. I’d like to think so Pete, but in practice it doesn’t seem to work that way at all.
    This equality business only works in one direction you see…..

  7. Yes , MacOisdealbh – destroying the family IS EXACTLY what the (fem)Marxists want.
    Germaine Greer no less, said
    “Women’s Lib, (this was 1970)
    if it abolishes the patriarchal family will abolish a necessary substructure of the authoritarian state and once that withers away Marx will have come true willy nilly – so lets get on with it”

    While I’m about it, she also said the following,

    “Men made one grave mistake.
    In answer to vaguely reformist and humanitarian agitation he admitted women to politics and the professions.
    The consevatives who saw this as the undermining of our civilisation and the end of the state and marriage were right after all; it is tome for the demolition to begin”.
    So there you have it Dear Mac, in black and white – couldn’t be any clearer.

  8. BURN! Any ideas on how many women will be doing time under this law?
    Truckloads. Film the abuse on your home phone and lock the controlling bitch away.
    This is going to boomerang better than Californi zero tolerance.

  9. What is coercive, controlling or abusive?
    How can it be proved, and how does one defend against it?
    And thus the law is reduced to a mere matter of opinion – is that how things should be?
    This law is thoroughly corrupt in both intent and practice.
    No doubt the lawers will be it’s only fans as they get rich(er) arguing the ins and outs of a dispute that will inevitably descend into juvenile squabbles.
    But then politicos often tend to be lawyers as well or closely connected to them so perhaps the corruption is even worse than it first appears.
    At best the whole thing seems likely to descend into an unworkable tragi-com fit for some legal version of a Brian Rix farce.
    At worst someone may end up doing five years on the strength of a matter of opinion.
    Can this be right?
    But is it legal – yes.
    Which is why Dickens makes Mr. Bumble say ” the law is an ass “.
    Still, better not have a joint bank account eh? Or when you get out you’ll find your wife and your savings ‘gone with the wind’.

  10. These idiots just keep piling on the reasons not to have a cohabiting relationship with a woman. These feminist ideologues can’t be so stupid as to not realize that they are destroying families. Their ultimate goal must be to drive a wedge into the heart of the relationship between the men and women. Given all of the obvious negative outcomes, why would a man ever contemplate marriage?

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