Norwegian feminists say ‘No!’ to female conscription

Our thanks to Alan for this. From the article, on the ‘International Alliance of Women’ website:

Misconceived equality
The Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights (NKF) considers female conscription as a misunderstanding of the concept of gender equality and the intentions of the Law on Equality. Gender equality implies first and foremost that women and men should have the same human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Women should be valued and allocated power and resources on equal terms with men [note: allocated – women shouldn’t be expected to earn those things in the way men have to, through the application of hard work, expertise, experience…]. But women and men do not have to be alike or do the same things to be equal.

To ensure gender equality it is important in many cases that women and men are treated equally. But they should not necessarily be treated equally in all situations. [Plain English: We’ll demand equality with respect to the things we want, such as ‘more women on boards’, we’ll demand continuing inequality in the things we don’t want, e.g. conscription.]

‘Misconceived equality’. Priceless.

7 thoughts on “Norwegian feminists say ‘No!’ to female conscription

  1. Surely a woman who becomes pregnant while serving in the armed forces has committed the same offence a man commits when he deliberately injures himself?

    As well as conscription for women I think contraception by innoculation should be compulsory to ensure they are fit for duty.

  2. Wow.same rights,but lesser duties…considerably lesser. duties are meant only for men. Rights and freedoms only for women. Once again,clearly,feminists are playing to men’s gentleman training to get away with this one. Only on the basis of the gentleman dogma can they possibly get away with this ‘murder’ . Now we clearly see what feminism is all about.
    And traditions or not,this simply can not be tolerated,if we are to believe women are equal to men. By the way,if all military jobs are now open to females,why should women be NOT conscripted? they already ‘proved’ they can do the job… Only mothers with small babies and pregnant women should be exempted from draft. Others,able bodied women need to have same duties as men. Suddenly we would see lots of pregnancies and motherhood,should conscription apply equally to both genders,on the basis of equal rights,and equal duties…
    Please guys,do not let your chivalrous training get in the way of seeing the truth for what it is.

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