Reggie Yates’s anti-MRA programme on BBC3

[Note added 9.1.16: Between 18 December and today, this video attracted over 4,500 views, a large number of upvotes and few downvotes, and 150+ comments. YouTube have taken the video down following a claim of copyright infringement by the makers of the programme, SundogPictures.]

We’ve just published this on our YouTube channel – an 18-minute-long piece drawn from Reggie Yates’s 55-minute-long anti-male programme broadcast by BBC3 last Monday evening. It’s worth watching because he engages with Milo Yiannopoulos, Rod Lonsdale, and Josh O’Brien, and their quality shines through his attempts to undermine them.

There’s a link below the video to the full programme – viewable on BBC iPlayer until 14.1.16 – but frankly the other 37 minutes are feminist propaganda, mainly consisting of Yates interviewing people (notably Roosh V, an American) who have nothing to do with the men’s human rights movement.

4 thoughts on “Reggie Yates’s anti-MRA programme on BBC3

  1. Just watched Yates on record.
    From the first moment (RooshV) he attempted the hatchet job.
    From the second moment until the end of the program he struggled against those who had sussed him out.
    His (misplaced) ego comes into play “Why are they afraid of me”, he asks.
    ONLY because the BBC is far smarter than you, Reggie??? BBC Poodle. He didn’t seem to like the poodle tag especially.
    MTGOW was an enigma to him… so he moved into full Mangina.
    No luck on the hatchet job then, Reggie… stick with PennyRed and the other sweet feminists that go hand-in-hand with your masters.
    Yes…. another BBC Feminist program – and the compliant Mangina to deliver it.
    What did I expect?

  2. Particularly impressed with Josh. I sincerely hope he can be supported to develop a “Think tank”. As it is important when protesting against something to also start to show what one is for.
    To be honest I thing my generation are still heavily infected with the chivalry still in full flower in the baby boom. Until recently a gilded generation and not a little smug. I thing the younger generations are experiencing what we created (by commission and omission) and need to come up with their own solutions. I think the way to help is to at least cut through the dissembling and lay bare the world as it is, so that the world Josh and those like him want to live in is not distorted by tired old conspiracy theories.

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