BBC anti-male bias – in a fishing competition!

The Reggie Yates programme last night was as anti-men as we’d anticipated, most of the people interviewed at length having nothing to do with the mainstream MRM e.g. Roosh V, and the young man who sent rape threats to Caroline Criado-Perez. The piece included a lengthy interview of… er… Laurie Penny, a particularly odious radical feminist, who lied about me in an article following our meeting in London. In the next day or two we’ll post a link to the piece on i-Player, as well as an edited piece on our YouTube channel, the 20 minutes of the total 55 minutes worth watching, with good contributions from Milo Yiannpopoulos, Josh O’Brien, and Rod Lonsdale.

We were recently notified by YouTube that a BBC pieces we posted two months ago, an eight-minute-long piece from a fishing programme, breached BBC copyright. On a previous occasion we disputed such a claim, we were successful. This time the piece has been left online, but we’re expecting a decision shortly, and if it goes against us, the piece could be lost for good. The video is here, I recommend you read the background information first.

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