3 thoughts on “Toxic Feminist of the Month: Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England

  1. Mike, Mike, Mike, have you forgotten that the main cause of obesity in women is ‘comfort eating’, and who is responsible for women’s discomfort? That’s right, MEN. It is therefore right that men pay for yet another futile exercise in pandering to women’s inability and refusal to take responsibility for themselves, while demanding the right to decide what goes into their mouths and what does not.

  2. Wow this DV stuff even the biased BBC are focusing on this only from the male perpetrators position. According to this BBC report as I write on the News at 10pm, more and ONLY naughty men are the cause. But wait if 3/7 DV cases are women against men why aren’t the BBC reporting this….Me thinks its because we men pay most of the BBC wages! Errrr!

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