5 thoughts on “Julia Hartley-Brewer: Today’s feminists are so out of touch with how most women live, they might as well be on another planet

  1. Thanks. We could not be clearer that we’re anti-feminist, not anti-women. The problem is feminists conflating the two – as Tyger Drew-Honey did in the BBC programme we linked to recently, with comments recorded in the studio, not at the scene of the cat litter incident – but an ever-declining proportion of the population is falling for that particular feminist lie.

  2. Actually this wasn’t quite what I originally meant to say, but instead got side tracked a down a partly related avenue!
    So to the point. I too, have not found femarxist radfem hate against me in daily life at all, to speak of – with the one sole exception being from a girl arguably too young to any know better.
    This is very good news indeed, as it means that a large majority of ordinary women have still not been infected by the pernicious sexism virus. Most women I happen to meet in life’s workaday round seem happy to to engage in cheerful friendship, or at least indifferent neutrality.
    It’s the squawking leftwing agitprop types who have made a point of prosecuting the long march through the institutions, and whose influence therefore exceeds their numbers.
    If J4MB and it’s allies are to have any chance at all of realising their potential, it must be made abundantly clear that it is anti feminazi specifically, and pro men’s rights and defender of equitable fairness not anti-woman in general, or a failure to properly engage the Great British voting public
    wil result I fear.

  3. Oh Mike, these fancy woman and their oppression fantasies give me the shits. Pathetic.
    Well, men are slowly starting to fuck-off.
    So you may eventually find you were carried all along, the whole time! Belly flop in the pigsty for the well made up affluent lady! Ohhhhhhh!
    What ya gonna tell your daughter now ah? The divorce was all a mistake? Boo! (Which one?)
    Baby girl might just have to work for a living, Thanks Mum.
    The labor and creativity of men will only last so long. Some woman can do it most can’t, and relying on pregnancy only truly works when your supported. Female lifestyle will never feed the masses. Only the herself in the long run if your so lucky. And most aren’t.

  4. I admit I’ve been wondering if you might cut the Telegraph a little slack from time to time, since it remains the only paper of it’s type, and I would hate to see it go!
    However, don’t be too miffed if it ‘clots it’s bopy book’ by printing unsound click bait from time to time – its just the way of the world these days where clicks mean prizes, sorry, mean money.

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