Let women put careers on menopause: England’s chief medical officers say female workers should get time off to deal with the symptoms

Our thanks to a number of supporters for pointing us to this.

Not for the first time, and assuredly not for the last, Professor Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, proves herself to be a blithering idiot. She’s a strong contender for a Gormless Feminist Lifetime Achievement Award.

5 thoughts on “Let women put careers on menopause: England’s chief medical officers say female workers should get time off to deal with the symptoms

  1. The Chief Medical Officer for England should be voicing concern about sexually biased health inequalities in England not whining for yet more female privilege.

  2. You just knew that it had to come to this. Their bullshit about the wage gap has been debunked so many times that they had to find some new way to compensate themselves. It won’t be the corporations paying for this, so take a guess as to how they propose to pay for this new little plum. I think that they have just found another way to shift yet more of the tax burden on to men (already 72%). Brilliant!

  3. If women had been in charge of education,the military,the sciences and companies of Britain 300 years ago,there would never have been The British Empire. The steam locomotive would never have been invented,the navy would have been planks of wooden rafts,Insted,Britain would have been colonized.
    If this is any indication of where the increase of women in the professional world and their agenda is taking us,we’d better pay attention. We’re half way there….

  4. This already happens. As she herself points out women take time off for sickness. No doubt this is behind the fact that women on average have twice the time off sick. The difference appears to be she wants bosses to talk about it and ask for flexible hours (they are never more hours are they these flexible hours).
    Both experience and research shows that male co workers and bosses are much more likely to take a sympathetic view of supporting a woman. It is their female colleagues and managers who are much less forgiving and less likely to take up the slack for absent colleagues!
    I note Jenni Murray expresses the view that there is a practical problem in allowing women yet another sort of special concession, in that it makes them less productive and this less attractive employees. It is of course yet another instance where the sexes are clearly different (pesky biology) and to allow concessions for the menopause would be to recognise it does affect women workers negatively. So for feminists it’s actually one in the eye for “gender”.
    I rather suspect the good Dame is not popular with the sistas for bringing this up.

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