BBC libels Mike Buchanan as ‘anti-women’ and supports criminal attacks by campus cry bullies

Our thanks to HEqual for this. It’s easy to miss nuanced BBC propaganda at times. I missed that Tiger Drew-Honey referred to me as ‘anti-women’ – rather than anti-feminist – and I wasn’t given the opportunity to challenge the assertion. Whenever it’s made – it usually turns up in accusations of misogyny or sexism – I challenge people to find anything anti-women in anything I’ve ever written, said, or done, and none of these people have ever come up with anything. And they never will.

HEqual spotted something else I’d missed, the background music playing during the J4MB section. This is very insidious manipulation of viewers, the people who fund these damnable programme makers. People sometimes ask me why I agree to appear in BBC TV and radio programmes, given they’re always – or virtually always – hatchet jobs, and my answer is always the same. People check out our websites – particularly this one – and soon grasp the extent of the BBC’s feminist-driven anti-male bias. There are many examples here. Just scroll down to ‘BBC anti-male bias’.

There are less than four hours to go before the deadline for pre-registering for ICMI16. Plenty of people have left it to the final hours, as expected, and bookings are coming in at an unprecedented rate. If you want to be sure of attending ICMI16, you need to pre-register here.

I have one request to make of you. In recent weeks we’ve said numerous times that only by pre-registering can you be sure of attending ICMI16, a three-day event with a stellar line-up of 18 speakers from around the world. If you fail to pre-register, and it leads to you being unable to attend the event, please don’t contact me expecting me to summon a ticket from thin air. There will be none available. As the saying goes, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

One thought on “BBC libels Mike Buchanan as ‘anti-women’ and supports criminal attacks by campus cry bullies

  1. The BBC has become a mouthpiece of feminism.Spewing feminist propaganda at home and abroad. I think Putin would simply ban it,and in this case, so should we. Forgive me for being politically incorrect.

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