Domestic violence reports rise in Suffolk with 2,000 involving male victims

Our thanks to Sean for this. No mention of organizations supporting male victims, of course, and equally inevitably:

In addition yesterday was International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and highlighted the White Ribbon campaign to tackle domestic abuse in Suffolk.

2 thoughts on “Domestic violence reports rise in Suffolk with 2,000 involving male victims

  1. Thanks for this information. We must always remember as a recent safeguarding course expressed, there are eleven forms of abuse against an individual, five of them being in domestic situations. We must always remember that the well known and only thought of, physical violence is prominent. No, sadly and in breakdowns it is prompted often by emotional and now the worsening and sickening form of coercive and psychological abuse…whose affects act upon all blood and nurture relatives particularly affecting sibling children. Regarding those who practise intractible hostility this is the most abundant child abuse action by those who parents are dysfunctional being criminalised in Latin American countries. What do they know which we do not? Yes there is a “War on Dads” (and some Mums) by some family groups for those who are affected by family break up, sadly affecting 40% of all families today.

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