Philip Davies MP – his speech on International Men’s Day

Yesterday was a historic day for people interested in men’s human rights. Philip Davies, a Conservative MP, has a track record of being the only MP (from a total of 600+) to speak out in parliament on men’s issues. Yesterday he spoke at length on the matter, and later today a video of that speech will be published on our YouTube channel. The Hansard transcript is here.

3 thoughts on “Philip Davies MP – his speech on International Men’s Day

  1. Pleased to hear that circumcision at last gets a mention in Parliament as an issue in which men flagrantly suffer discrimination, thanks to Philip Davies MP. Men continue to be vulnerable to physical injury and bodily modification in order to comply with the religious beliefs of their parents. Yet our law enforcement agencies doggedly maintain the status quo and enjoy the succour of the silent majority that permits them to look the other way and neglect their duty to question a blatantly sexist ritual that has persisted since long before any of us were born.

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