Anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square, International Men’s Day – a photograph


Yesterday there was a good turnout of J4MB supporters and others backing Men Do Complain in protesting against MGM. As the light was starting to fade, Richard Duncker took the photograph above, of some of the protesters, next to the Churchill statue. He’s currently editing a video of the event, and we’ll publish it as soon as it’s available.

My warm thanks to everyone who turned out on a cold wet afternoon. Hopefully you’ll agree that the money spent on (weather-proof!) placards was money well spent. The quality of the leaflets – donated by a commercial printer – was excellent.

5 thoughts on “Anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square, International Men’s Day – a photograph

  1. Fantastic photo ! great job guys ! wish I could have been in it.
    All male issues are routinely ignored and disregarded in the west and it can no longer be tolerated.
    This is NOT a part of western tradition. Feminists had hijacked the western heritage and turned it against men. Men themselves are partly to be blamed for it,by letting chivalry stand in the way of demanding justice and equality for themselves . Not all men,but 95%,that is. It needs to change !
    Great work J4MB !!!

  2. Bill, in the UK at least, MGM is unquestionably illegal, it doesn’t need to be SPECIFICALLY illegal:


    But the police / Crown Prosecution Service don’t prosecute the criminals carrying out the procedure. Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, decined to asnwer our FOI request asking WHY the police / CPS don’t bring prosecutions. Some hospitals carry out the procedure on the NHS – i.e. at taxpayers’ expense. Men pay 72% of the income tax collected in the UK – £69 BILLION more than female taxpayers p.a. – and therefore pay 72% of the cost of these mutilations of male minors’ genitals.

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