Kat Banyard, inaugural winner of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award: upvotes v downvotes

I seldom have time to look at the detailed stats on our YouTube channel, but I’ve just indulged myself by spending a few minutes doing so. There’s one thing that pleases me more than upvotes on our YouTube videos and audio files, and that’s downvotes. The pleasure to be derived from knowing you’ve upset some bitter hate-filled feminist takes some beating.

Even allowing for the fact that we know people sometimes mistakenly downvote out videos for the feminist content rather than our commentary on that content, it’s clear that feminists sometimes look at our YouTube pieces, and post downvotes… the minxes!

Now, why would feminists do this? They never post explanations, of course, but our assumption is they have an Entitlement Princess complex which leads them to mistakenly believe we might give a flying f*** what they think. The most interesting video with regards to this voting phenomenon is one we posted on 8 March 2013, video footage of Kat Banyard’s interview with the relentlessly feminist-friendly Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, following which she won our inaugural Lying Feminist of the Month award, for her claims about the frequency with which schoolgirls were being assaulted. The video is here.

What makes this video particularly interesting to me, is that it’s the only file in our large YouTube channel in which the number of downvotes isn’t considerably outweighed by the number of upvotes. Currently, following 7,293 views of the video, there have been 43 upvotes and 43 downvotes. The questions I invite the crazy ladies who’ve downvoted the piece to answer are these:

Why did you downvote the piece?

Do you believe that Kat Banyard didn’t lie, and therefore didn’t deserve the award? If so, could you please email me mike@j4mb.org.uk with your evidence? Thank you.

Somehow, I don’t expect to be inundated with emails…

I invite our estimable supporters to upvote the video, and I invite hate-driven harrridans to downvote it.

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