David Power’s comment on Breitbart following the announcement of ICMI16

I’ve just started to look at the comment stream on Breitbart – here. The first one that caught my eye was this:

A conference on mens issues at £265 a ticket. A bit much to talk about how men don’t get enough beer, sex and time off work. Give me a break.

I was thinking of writing a response, when I spotted that David Power had already written one. A tip of the hat to him.

Hey, complaining about the price of admission is one thing, but truing to trivialise the very real imbalance between male and female rights in this country is, if you are a woman, disgustingly self serving and if you are a man, ridiculously ill-informed.

By any objective measure, the UK has become a country increasingly hostile and openly vindictive to men and Boys, in order to advantage women and girls.

A country where women are far less likely to be victims of a violent crime, less likely to die at work and less likely to be homeless. And yet where women still manage to successfully claim that Men are the entitled gender.

A country where ancient laws are routinely torn up so as to allow women more and more power over men.

A country where women can with impunity have any man locked up by simply and anonymously accusing him of the most disgusting crimes on the flimsiest of evidence.

A country where women are virtually exempt from imprisonment for crimes that would get men locked up for many many years.

A country where women gained full voting rights only two years after the vast majority of men gained theirs. But where, only Men, are forced to sacrifice their lives to defend those rights.

A country where women account for the majority of the population and more importantly – the electorate, and yet still manage to successfully claim “minority” status.

A country where women are responsible for nearly half (and probably a lot more) of all domestic violence. And yet receive 99.99% of government resources used to fight it.

A country where women, have uni-lateral control, over the life or death of unborn children. Where they now routinely kill 200,000 healthy unborn children every year for no other reason but convenience sake. Literally power over life and death! yet still claim to be a powerless group in need of more “special” Laws.

A country that systematically separates good loving fathers from their own children for no other reason than a woman wants it that way. And where 1 in 4 children are now raised without a father.

A country where boys are being deliberately and cynically squeezed out of the education process by the wilful feminisation of the curriculum and exam criteria.

A country where undeserving women can artificially impose themselves via bogus gender quotas and all-female short lists into the more desirable occupations, while still reserving all of the dirty, menial and dangerous jobs exclusively for men.

A country where women account for almost 80% of all high-street purchases. With a great deal of it spent on exclusively female luxury products… bags ($9 billion in the US alone) cosmetics ($60 billion), shoes ($24billion) clothes ($200+ billion).. And yet women still manage to successfully claim to be the impoverished sex.

A country that for over half a century has been wilfully pursuing policies deliberately designed to disadvantage boys to such an extent that male suicide rates have reach historically unprecedented levels. Levels that medical experts are calling “the male suicide epidemic”. An epidemic ignored by a grotesquely gyno-centric establishment and openly applauded by degenerate, self-serving feminists.

A country where women have always (and still do) live longer than men. Where by the age of eighty, women out-number Men by 2 to 1. And yet still manage to successfully claim that men are somehow more privileged.

A country where the most stupid, ill-educated and nasty woman can rubbish the nicest, kindest and most intelligent man and and get him fired from his job and no one protests. But where it is now socially and politically taboo to even mildly criticise women or their behaviour in any way.

A country where men’s rights have been trampled over by opportunistic women and unscrupulous politicians via the wholesale propagation of a blatantly anti-male feminist contrived narrative.

A country where women, have the choice to work full time or be a mother and not work at all or work part time and be a mother. While for the vast majority of Men, work is the only option (unless you count prison). And yet women still successfully manage to portray themselves as the gender with the least options.

A country dominated by a movement which no longer seeks equality of opportunity, but one that seeks increasingly greater privileges for women at the expense of men by creating false issues and false statistics (e.g. the gender wage gap) in order to attract tax-payer and other funding to organisations and initiatives for the exclusive benefit of women and girls, while using the vilification of men and boys to justify their exclusion.

And so rather than living in a country that favours men, we are actually living in a country that systematically, punishes, vilifies and disadvantages men and boys in order to privilege women and girls. For in truth, the goal of feminism is not equality for women, it’s about dominance and control over men.

5 thoughts on “David Power’s comment on Breitbart following the announcement of ICMI16

  1. Hello Terrence, I sure hope we do see you at the event. I re-blogged ICMI16 and it has virtually gone viral on my site, the signs are very good that it will happen. Can’t believe a London MRA won’t offer to put you up by then. I’ll be scrounging for a spare room with London family members myself once the event firms up. 😉

  2. If this is indeed going to happen, i will see what I can do to jump the pond and be present for this. I know I am not a speaker, but I sure as hell point fun at the redonkulas world we live in. I do not know if I can afford lodging and such. perhaps i will go rouge and sleep at a hostile or something. I am a soldier so a camp sight is not out of the question. http://WWW.REDONKULAS.COM

  3. I would sell a kidney to get to this particular event, but perhaps for the more poverty stricken among us, those who have already sold most of their organs to pay the mortgage for the old house that their ex is now shagging some football team in, perhaps you should do one day tickets for £100.

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