4 thoughts on “Twitter outrage after BBC documentary ‘makes excuses’ for women who attack men – blaming alcohol and low self-esteem for their bad behaviour

  1. Completely agree. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and at least these types of programmes are starting to get an airing as you say. But it shouldn’t have been called ‘The Rise in Female Violence”, it should have been called “The Rise in ‘Recognition’ of Female Violence”.
    Women have always been violent but most are reluctant to acknowledge the fact.

  2. Just watched this on repeat, having seen the negative reviews beforehand and thought it wasn’t as bad as I feared. At least the BBC is accepting female violence happens (although implying it’s something new and ‘explainable’ via background, experience(s) and alcohol – whereas males are just predisposed to violence and naturally evil, presumably). Also, one female offender does say that, in court, she ‘used to get away with a lot because I was a girl . . . (and) get off lightly’ – exemplified at the end by the kid gloves treatment of ‘Izzy’.
    The BBC seems to be running a series aimed at ‘Breaking The Mould’ on gender at the moment and have covered male suicide (it’s all their fault), sexism (by men), rape (involving one case study) female violence (see above) and appear to have one coming up about male victims of DV (it’ll be all the men’s fault again, no doubt). http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/femail/video-1221329/Breaking-Mould-BBC-Three-takes-Gender.html
    At least these important matters are getting an airing, not to say airbrush, from the BBC – and even the adverse reactions are adding to public awareness.
    Now come on BBC, where’s the interviews with the men’s groups to show you’re starting to get it!

  3. We are so blind to this double standard. To our fundamentally gynocentric approach so clearly shown in the case of the “onesie” babysitter. It is ironic indeed that it was feminists in legal research who first discovered this double standard, simply by getting data split by sex. Of course their gloss on this has been “benign sexism”. But it means that male victims are worth less and female perpetrators are let off, if not rewarded. I hope the twitter storm can be reflected in support. Often men and women are accused of misogyny for the simple factual observation that men are subject to different standards, and ones that result in their detriment. Sadly one has to work hard to bring the information of this very basic unfairness to people’s attention. But once done it is clear people do see it for what it is.

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