Alys Harte’s feminist propaganda piece for BBC3: ‘The Rise of Female Violence’

My thanks to all the people who took the trouble to email me in recent days to inform me of a forthcoming piece to be broadcast on BBC3, presented by Alys Harte, a young lady from Donegal. It was broadcast earlier this evening, and it was titled The Rise of Female Violence.

Two or three were optimistic that the BBC might hold women accountable for something, for the first time in its history. Some chance. I’m more likely to become pregnant, and give birth to a lamb later named Felicity Fluffy-Fleece, than that will ever happen. To my mind, the only question was how the programme would show women to be unaccountable for committing violence.

Before you watch the programme, I urge you to watch Men’s Rights Versus Feminism Explained (using magnets) – a video (4:27) about moral agency by Alison Tieman, one of our favourite Honey Badgers, a charming woman who I had the pleasure of meeting (along with her husband) at the 2014 International Conference on Men’s Issues, in Detroit. I was constantly reminded of her video throughout the BBC3 programme, available on iPlayer for the next 29 days – here.

I don’t have the time to pen a detailed critique of the programme, sadly. But let me give you a few reflections, some of which we’d anticipate from Alison Tieman’s critique of gender-specific moral agency (or the lack of it, in the case of women):

  • Throughout the programme, violent women were referred to as ‘girls’. Some of these ‘girls’ appeared to be over 30.
  • A young alcoholic woman from Newcastle took up much of the programme. She had ‘threatened’ Caroline Criado-Perez (three-times winner of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards, it must be days since I last mentioned that) on Twitter – whilst so drunk, she later had no recollection of the matter – and was charged. CC-P said the woman had ‘internalised misogyny’. Classic. No woman must ever be held accountable for her actions or inactions, which seems to be the prevailing philosophy of the criminal justice system towards women. The young woman from Newcastle was ‘lucky’ to be spared a prison sentence – her ‘luck’ is shared by women in general – and given ‘a last chance’ by a magistrate at the end of the programme. The first of many last chances, we can be sure.
  • (unlike men) Women are not accountable for the violence they commit when under the influence of alcohol.
  • (unlike men) Women are not accountable for the violence they commit if their levels of testosterone – bad hormone!!! – are increased by alcohol, or otherwise. The increase is larger if they’re taking contraceptive pills.
  • (unlike men) Women are not accountable for the violence they commit if they’ve had a ‘difficult childhood’.
  • (unlike men) Women are not accountable for the violence they commit if they have mental health issues.
  • (unlike men) Women are not accountable for their violence they commit if they’ve been the victims of violence (particularly at the hands of men, of course)

All in all, as balanced a programme on gender matters as we’d expect from the licence fee-funded feminist parasites at the BBC.

5 thoughts on “Alys Harte’s feminist propaganda piece for BBC3: ‘The Rise of Female Violence’

  1. It’s no bad thing to remember when dealing with this subject that the bbc is (and always was) the broadcasting arm of the civil service.
    That is to say it will always reflect the policies of the State of of the day (whatever they may be !)
    Thus one must expect it to always follow a fixed and predictable path. It is State policy that men are responsible for violence, and women are victims so that is what the bbc will of course say.
    If you’d like more evidence of this, compare State policy on, for example, man made ‘global warming’ (we have it and it’s bad), and ‘europe’, ( we want it and it’s good), on israel (boo!) and ‘ Palestine’ (hurrah!), with what the bbc say about these things – they are the same.
    Can I be sure?
    Yes I can
    I worked there for many years.

  2. thank you for this review
    I was recomended to contact alys harte by gerald cash of “men have rights too” to contribute my experience to her “Research”. Thank god I only got an automated reply. I would not have enjoyed being part of a hit piece of non accountability by female perpetrators. I imagine gerald cash will have to think again about recommending aly harte ever again.

    BBC why do you have to be such hyporcrite and dance around the obvious in the room. Were any of the women asked if they accept responsibility for their behaviour( including criado),
    Criadio of course having a very warped view of what constitutes a threat to a person, ah bless life must be so “challenging” for her every time she steps outside the front door

  3. At least they didn’t censor the woman who admitted that being a girl when she was violent, she got away with more. Especially with the feminist narrative that men are the ones that get away with everything.

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