7 thoughts on “Inside the Feminist mind

  1. the fact is and always has been that women are simply much less suitable for the workforce than men. This is completely natural. Likewise,women are much less suitable for science,maths,philosophy and every single aspect of professional life. Recognizing this,but unwilling to admit it,feminists have created a world of make-belief,where men are to blame for all women’s shortcomings.. The real question is when will men stop pretending ( on chivalrous grounds ) that women can live the exact same lifestyle as men.

  2. I view and experience feminists as people with minds frozen at the functional level of a very young child – want, want, want, with no rationale as to how they will create or earn what they want. Then, when they’ve got whatever it is that they want by screaming or stealing, they quickly tire of it and want something else or something more. I’m with Mr Gruff on this one; I don’t think that feminists are capable of operating machinery, authority or ballot papers safely, and in this alone they do women in general a terrible disservice.

  3. Of course the younger generation of feminists are clearly sufferers of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Or rather, WE (men, normal women, children) are sufferers from their NPD/BPD.

  4. Spot on. I think feminism is mental disorder and is so dangerous it should be notifiable

    That aside, that drawing reminds me of The Numbskulls, if I recall correctly, in one of the children’s comics about fifty years or so ago.

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