Being a Man(gina) Festival

Two days ago I had an email from a woman working in relation to the forthcoming Being a Man Festival (BAM) in London (27-29 November). She asked if I might be interested in promoting the event, to which I responded:

I should sooner gnaw off my hands and feet without the benefit of anaesthetic, than promote your festival.

She replied:

Thank you. Would you like me to remove me from our mailing list?

BAM is a grotesque anti-male event, launched last year by a feminist. Last year’s keynote speaker was Grayson Perry, a transvestite potter – a talented transvestite potter, admittedly – who gave the talk in his trademark heavy make-up, and wearing one of his trademark pink party dresses.

From the website for the forthcoming event:

Being A Man addresses the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st century.

This major new festival – now in its second year – is taking over Southbank Centre for three days in November 2015. Join us for conversations and the sharing of stories – serious, challenging and light-hearted – plus the mandate to discuss anything and everything about being a man today.

‘… anything and everything about being a man today’? So long as it’s through a gynocentric / feminist lens, anyway. Among the speakers will be Jane Powell, the odious radical feminist who’s been the CEO of The Calm Initiative, a male suicide charity, for almost ten years. I am told her charity’s staff consists of women and one gay man. Gender balance is a fine thing.

Another speaker will be Tim Samuels, the feminist who’s been presenting Men’s Hour, a BBC Radio 5 Live programme – ‘The men’s magazine for the modern man’ – for several years, and has never invited anyone from J4MB onto his programme. He’s an admirer of feminism, and is predictably admired in turn by Jenni Murray – here.

Jonathan Wall, controller of BBC Radio 5 Live, denied in a letter to me in September 2013 that Men’s Hour follows feminist agendas – here.

Six weeks before the last general election Samuels wrote a piece for the Telegraph titled, with no apparent irony, Why is nobody in politics standing up for men?

Another speaker will be Jeremy Hardy, an insufferably smug BBC left-wing luvvie.

9 thoughts on “Being a Man(gina) Festival

  1. Article on CALM website: A Word From CALM Director Jane POWELL Gender & Suicide.

    My comment:
    So we have a men suicide charity run by a radical Feminist for ten years no less! Notice there is no mention of the Feminist sadistic narcissism towards masculinity and gloating misandry towards boys and men. No mention of the high rate of divorced father suicide, and the accompanying false accusations that are designed to push him over the edge, for victory and punishment. The woman’s sector, our Feminist industries, the woman rackets, that hate men, boys and masculinity. Woman who ruthlessly and cynically exploit men and male children, financially and even worse emotionally. Woman ARE the main abusers and killers of children by miles, which Feminism has honed aiming spiteful misandry purposefully at male children to diminish and dominate. What so many men like me, men I know and have met, went through as children at the hands of woman. With the cynicism of victim Feminism to justify their freed appetites and blame. This is why a radical Feminist is the Director of Calm, to stop men questioning the result of this. Decades of politicised propaganda in female dominated schools to confuse, shame and brainwash boys. What a cash cow you have here Jane Powell! And even more cynical than the Domestic Violence industries quite an achievement too! Stand down! You woman are the cause! Never an answer. And stop dictating to men how to be male, based upon your expectations and exploitations. Gynocentric – meaning: adjective centred on or concerned exclusively with woman; taking a female (or specifically a Feminist) point of view.
    Young men die so old woman can take more. Sick!

  2. Being A Man Festival, designed and controlled by rich woman and by the type of lesbian woman who despise masculinity.
    This fiasco is for the emasculated sons of well off woman. It would be embarrassing for these dominant woman if their sons committed suicide, and anyway mommy needs things done for her. The same total exploitation, emotional and otherwise his father was subjected too.
    A male suicide charity run by a Feminist? I ask what could possibly be more cynical and exploitive than that? Please tell me.
    This sort of scenario used to be the basis for outrageous humour. The Calm Initiative Ha!
    Do they specialise in’
    {1} a vast income (with all the trimmings) for themselves, and,
    {2} Enjoy a public stage for Feminists who have determinedly emasculated their sons and driven them to despair and remorselessly onto suicide.
    This stage could be a public venue to prove who the real victim is, and how she at fifty six years of age was the real attractive one, with a real future, not him.
    Followed by a live sympathy panel of successful highly paid Feminists discussing their oppression, and the you-go-girl music and entertainment for her funeral, oh sorry his funeral!
    Well now, heres another ever expanding money spinner for professional class Feminists.

  3. Techsaidray,
    I salute your comment : ” To be a blubbering chivalrous moron for women?” Because that’s exactly what the majority of western men have become…just chivalrous poodles for women’s whims…
    It is really shameful and hopefully men will begin to be able to connect chivalrous pandering to women with men’s dire standing in today’s society. The sooner men see this connection,the better.

  4. Great post Mike.

    There are so many groups out there doing genuinely good work for men, many of which most of us have had contact with at some point, yet not a single respected activist or organisation seems gets a look in

    Nothing from 15square or other similar groups
    No Fathers4Justice or former Fathers4Justice activists (despite a number having books and endless experiences they could have talked about)
    Nothing from Mike and his colleagues or previous organisations such as the Equal parenting Alliance (imagine how good a speaker Ray Barry would have been)
    Nothing from the veterans of the movement such as the brilliant guys at Parity or UKMM
    Nothing from Glenn Poole, Neil Lyndon, Martin Daubney and goodness know how leading and established writers who write for the Telegraph
    Nothing form the slightly more edgy team of men’s equality figures at Briettbart.
    and nothing from leading women in our movement either

    I suppose the plus side is that they haven’t duped or paid off any respected figures into appearing, and therefore people will realise the whole event is a fraud.

    And yes HEqual got the email too

  5. ‘…Friday’s events focus on the role of men in society. …Attend our explosive opening session with internationally respected human rights activist Jimmie Briggs. Briggs is co-founder of Man Up, a global campaign for young people aiming to stop violence against women and girls. …’

    That was just two ‘what’s this all about then?’ clicks into the Southbank website. No, thank you.

  6. These (often fairly privileged) left wing types ought to go and live somewhere completely left wing if they think it’s so good.
    Wonder how long they’d last before whining to come home.

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