Mike Buchanan and Emily Thornberry MP interviewed by Nick Ferrari (LBC) over ‘sexist’ passports

Last night Emily Thornberry MP won our ‘Whiny Feminist of the Month’ award in recognition of her comments about the new British passport. This morning we were interviewed by Nick Ferrari for his high-audience show on LBC. Our thanks to H for loading this. Background and a number of relevant links below the video.

9 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan and Emily Thornberry MP interviewed by Nick Ferrari (LBC) over ‘sexist’ passports

  1. Just listened to the clip again. Note she can’t even get the name of these such important women right – clearly calling Beatrix Potter “Beatrice”.

  2. Putting Mary Poppins on our passports sounds more like a scene from Family Guy than a real life proposal by a politician. Also, remember that Thornberry completely hates the English flag anyway (expect she’d hate your van too).

  3. Thanks John. I particularly enjoyed her reference to Julie Andrews. TOTALLY of the same cultural importance as William Shakespeare. The hills are alive, with the sound of feminists…

  4. Absolutely epic performance Mike. It’s really important to emphasise that Thornberry and her buddies are 100% sexists here and we’re wanting to recognise the best of the best regardless of what people might have between their legs.

    Probably one of your best appearances yet, though to be fair, her arguments were astonishingly weak and some of the examples she gave were absolutely hilarious.

    The fact that the BBC have given a huge advert on their front page to such a hopeless MP with no arguments to make really tops off their bias this week.

  5. Mike, excellent interview once again but you need to get back on there and explain the situation with respect to MGM legality. They WILL have you back.

  6. The feminist are sexist against merit, if you are male you are denied merit. That is why they cannot understand the people on the passports have been chosen on the merit of their achievements for the country or human race. What is wrong with that. Merit is gender blind but feminist are gender blinkered.

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