8 thoughts on “Education Secretary Nicky Morgan MP speaks about government priorities for achieving gender equality and removing barriers to women’s success.

  1. Quite so just saw Newsnight and the minister grapple with the poor performance of education outside the capital. All completely ignored the obvious that raising boys aspirations and educating them to the same levels of achievement as girls would transform the stats. The leaving out of one of the most salient “gaps” in education in both the report and the ministers responses is simply wilful

  2. She starts with this as being important.

    “Gender equality is about giving everyone, whether you are a man or woman equal opportunity. This fundamental principle should apply in every workplace, in every sector, in every boardroom. ”

    Absolutely this want it should mean, but every single word after this is about not doing the above. It is all about privileging women and girls so they can get any job, especially male preferred jobs, in place of men, based purely on gender and not on ability. She, the so called equalities minister, has no stated intentions to do the same in female preferred jobs. Therefore this must lead to higher male unemployment. Some much for her boost to the economy figures, Since on average full time women work 20% less hours than men when in work (ONS figures), making men unemployed can only shrink the economy. No mention of any actions to stop all women boards. She even reinvents the word “opportunities” to mean gender quotas or women only grants, funding and programmes.

    Also the biasing of education, which she is promising to make worse for boys, will deliver more female board members by default. They just cannot wait that long.

    They get one thing correct, ‘you can’t have true opportunity without real equality’. this removal of equality to men and boys and giving only opportunities to women and girls is why she is really the Discrimination Minister in all but name.

    The message is clear from this government, if your are a boy or a man, you do not matter, your education does not matter, your job prospects do not matter, your bodily integrity does not matter, answers to your FOI requests do not matter, 49% of the electorate do not matter.

  3. She must KNOW she’s talking tosh surely, which means she holds the electorate in contempt, Camoron certainly does – he manages not to get up your nose quite like Blair, but he’s just as big a liar.
    Is education so unimportant and undemanding that she can be minister for women’s equalities too?
    One wonders how she fills up all her spare time at work.
    I know – could she not at least make some sort of a start on addressing boys education gap?
    But then, like all unprincipled Quisling puppets I expect she just does as she’s told and takes her money home.

  4. She doesn’t look too bright to me, not that stupidity has ever prevented anyone from being Education Secretary.

  5. I think its about time we have a mobilization of parents of young men in this country. For example, what is being done about poor achievement by white boys in our schools?

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