Oh no – Jess Phillips MP has blocked me from following her Twitter account!!!

Grave news. I just clicked on Ms Phillips’s Twitter account @jessphillips and saw this:

You are blocked from following @jessphillips and viewing @jessphillips’s Tweets.

On the plus side, that will free up some of my time – my last tweet to her was our YouTube video of her awful appearance on today’s Andrew Marr Show – and I invite anyone not blocked from her Twitter account to send me anything of particular interest. mike@j4mb.org.uk.

8 thoughts on “Oh no – Jess Phillips MP has blocked me from following her Twitter account!!!

  1. Respec’ Mike, Respec’. Being blocked by the Vile Misandrous Bitch has way more cred than an ASBO. You iz da man.

  2. as i have been banned (yes banned not blocked) from twitter for months i would welcome any updates on jeanhatchet i am tugruk@yahoo.co.uk if anyone follows her…..she achieved notoriety by leading the witchhunt against the footballer ched evans thro her legions of bookburning feminasty followers……when i persistently challenged her about evans being innocent she was so outraged that she turned her mob of savages on me…..first they bombarded me with abuse then they deluged twitter HQ with threats demanding that twitter ban me altogether. ……remember when she unleashed her mob on those football clubs who wanted to sign evans…eg .the football chairmans daughter was threatened with rape……so i guess i got off lightly ha ha!!

  3. I do. 12 one-hour sessions booked at this stage. I doubt that will be enough, to be honest. Nobody could get through this sort of psychological trauma without expert support.

  4. Congrats, I’m extremely jealous right now. That said, I did get blocked by Bindel for writing articles about her concentration camp plans for men, so that’s something to be proud of.

  5. im surprised she isnt getting Twitter to ban u altogether, as happened to me…..i wonder if they give her the right to ban people – or is it only Jean Hatchett who is allowed to police and patrol twitter in that way

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