Professor Michael Kimmel is the lowest form of life, a male feminist

Michael Kimmel is an American sociology professor as well as that lowest form of life, a male feminist. A tip of the hat to Janet Bloomfield for her critique of the mangina’s article in today’s Guardianhere – on the eve of International Men’s Day. From his Wikipedia profile:

Kimmel is a spokesperson of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and a longtime feminist.

The good people at AVfM host a collection of some of my articles and media appearances – here. In January 2014 we presented NOMAS with the only Toady award we’ve ever presented to an organization. The background to the story, and a link to their well-deserved award, are here.

5 thoughts on “Professor Michael Kimmel is the lowest form of life, a male feminist

  1. it’s always difficult dealing with people who can’t think for themselves or who believe that they do not deserve equal and fair treatment for being male gender.. He surely believes that men do not deserve an International Day,because probably not enough died in the service of the country,compared to women. Or he simply believes that men were born to be second class citizens.
    I am not sure just on the basis of what he believes men need to be denigrated.I would really like to hear his ‘explanation’.

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