5 thoughts on “Richard Littlejohn: Oh, do grow up, you big girl’s blouse! Government’s crackdown on playground name calling is a regime worthy of the old East German Stasi.

  1. William,exactly. Men and even boys have indeed become a persecuted minority (or a half).
    How can we justify then to behave like gentlemen towards our antagonistic,ill-wishing or even hostile women?
    Is it not completely out of place in today’s situation ? We are treating women like queens,exempting them from hardships,extending lenient treatment,while women are doing their best to have as many men jailed as possible,boys demoralized starting at school.
    Why should men today extend the gentleman treatment to today’s women? Don’t you think it is completely counter productive and clearly detrimental to men’s cause nowadays? Or is it just me who sees it that way?

  2. The more years that I pass (and I phrased that deliberately as a slightly distasteful double entendre) the more the manipulations of ‘society’ and the various bodies of the ‘establishment’ become glaringly obvious. This time are we really training future generations to have absolutely no independence or self-reliance? Zero, zilch, da nada? Are we really training them to snitch to the ‘authorities’ at the merest hint of wrong-think? Children watching children, children and parents watching each other, strangers watching over all? It certainly seems so from the evidence. I can see where this is going – and so can those trying to impose it. What next on the list? Drab olive cotton uniforms for all? Sirens to mark the start and end of the working day? This kind of nonsense is but one step away from that.

  3. A point has just occurred to me. How does a campaign to encourage little girls to rebuke little boys for using phrases proscribed by misandrous psychotics square with the campaign to ban ‘bossy’? There seems to be an essential contradiction there (how typically feminine), unless the intention is, yet again, to empower females while disempowering males.

    Increasingly, man hating harridans are criminalising a man’s ability to defend himself from the excesses of femininity. Men need to start thinking like a persecuted minority, because that is what we are.

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