4 thoughts on “Laura Perrins: Feminists are not grown ups – they are spoiled brats spitting out dummies

  1. Yes, feminists are totally spoiled,unrealistic bunch. So are many children,in the absence of proper authority. The bigger question is, why did our society,or better,our men, not step in way sooner when they saw just how unrealistic and unsustainable their agenda was ? Why are not more men stepping in to stop the nonsense? Or is the nosnense acceptable when perpetrated by women ?
    Get real,time to tell women straight in the face that their ideas are childish and unrealistic. Gentlemen or not !

  2. Safety devices such as shown above are all very well, but red is such a masculine, threatening colour. A rectangular box, with nasty rough man-edges? A hammer to get to it? Are you seriously expecting feminists to jump the hurdle of tool use in order to get the help they need in an emergency? The chain too speaks volume to me of women’s oppression and slavery – why, it’s almost an entire kitchen sink! Plus, chain is offensive to ‘people of colour’. Also, I am confused by the device itself – into which orifice should it be inserted?

  3. The same applies to female bullies. Because of the whine, and the way they learn to present well to authority, their bullying is not checked in childhood/adolescence (a male bully will be duffed up at some stage by his peers, whether by a victim experiencing a growth spurt, an older boy, or someone getting up a gang) but continues into adulthood. All the reported cases of workplace bullying, whether as law (Greene, Majewski, etc) or as news, tend to involve female perpetrators. Spiteful as well as whiny.

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