2 thoughts on “Janet Bloomfield: If feminists hate patriarchy, why are they so hell bent on bringing it back?

  1. It’s tragic, but also hilarious, that current-day feminists have looked around their western-world environment, seen the reality that is equality – and it scares the hell out of them. They’ve picked up the keys to the world (keys that were _always_ just lying there, waiting to be used by anyone who wasn’t too busy whining or navel-gazing) and they’ve had a wander around and it has dawned on them that no-one owes them a living, no-one is obligated to stand alongside them with a sword, and no-one is interested in helping them balance in heels on a pedestal anymore.

    They have seen their freedom, and they are just bright enough to realise – just and only just – that this also means the freedom to fail without a safety net, and that it comes with real work and real responsibilities. It’s no wonder that modern feminists are now hysterically seeking to replace ‘Daddy’ and ‘Hubby’ with a state infrastructure designed to give them back their former extra privileges, extra guarantees and extra safeguards. Women, adult, grown-up women, as opposed to feminists, are as they have always been – making their own choices and just getting on with it rather like the rest of us.

    You can’t bring a snowflake in from the cold – it’s their natural environment.

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