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Meryl Streep was recently wittering on about how few women run film studios, major organizations, etc. I didn’t read much about it because it seemed like the usual relentless whining, but Dave, a supporter, has taken the trouble to email her. The content of his email takes up the remainder of this blog piece:
Subject: More Inclusion of Women Comment
Dear Ms Streep,
I noticed that you consider that there should be “more inclusion” for women in organisations. On the face of it there is nothing stopping women getting into any areas of business, commerce or academia however one of the areas not talked about is why women themselves do not put their own capital at risk, like many male entrepreneurs do, and build their own businesses and/or organisations.
Women want to join all the successful organisations built by men but rarely do they put their money where their mouths are and do it themselves.
Serena Williams recently said that she is entitled to be paid the same as Roger Federer because (and I quote) “she trains as hard as he does” which of course does not and will never make her as good a tennis player as Federer or draw the commercial income that Federer does, so why should she get the same money as him? (Although of course at Wimbledon and other major tournaments, she does, despite playing for half the time). That is a good example of the female “entitlement princess syndrome”!
Another example is the film studios where women are always complaining that the major studios don’t write scripts for women , I don’t agree as you have played some pretty good roles as a women. But my point is if that was the case why don’t women write good roles for women and invest their own money or persuade an equity investor to help by building a studio like Spielberg, Zanuck or Eastwood have done?
My point is that women in general have become entitlement princesses who think the world owes them a living instead of really doing it for themselves rather than on the back of men.
It is still the case, decades after women have had university educations, that when a woman gets out of bed in the morning every thing she sees or uses from the alarm clock, toaster, kettle, cooker, iPhone, television, laptop, roads, water taps, office, carpets, aviation, cars and coffee cups were invented, designed, manufactured, and maintained by men. The feminist portrayal of men says something different along with unjustified insults rather than the enormous credit due to men as innovators and creative doers rather than whingers.
Its about time women stopped whinging and whining and as Annie Lennox said in her song REALLY do it for themselves instead of riding on the backs of men.
Your new film the Suffragettes is packed with feminist inspired scripts so may I suggest that you read Steve Moxon’s book The Women Racket and look up the section on the Suffragettes to get an appreciation of what really happened.
Do let me know when you’re next in London, and I’ll buy you a coffee (although you’re worth a lot more than me, so really you should be buying me one!) and explain more about where women in general, and feminists in particular, have gone wrong.

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