Rowan Williams – an apologist for Male Genital Mutilation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of the company of over 20 men’s rights activists – one of them, D, being definitely of the female persuasion – at a day-long meeting in Oxford. I was among the speakers, and I’ll be publishing the content of my talk shortly. One of those present was Patrick Smyth of Men Do Complain, the anti-MGM campaigning organization we’ll be supporting at their protest outside the Conservative Party conference venue on Sunday 4 October, and the following day.

On his way home, whilst at King’s Cross station, Patrick happened to encounter Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. He engaged Dr Williams in conversation, and he’s posted his account on his Facebook page – here.

A tip of the hat to Patrick. Like all the best campaigners, he never misses an opportunity to campaign. We look forward to supporting Patrick and his colleagues in Manchester.

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