Shamed teaching assistant, 30, escapes jail after she admitted having sex with a teenage student

Our thanks to Francis for this. The article doesn’t relate whether the boy was 13, 14, or 15.

It’s surely time to rename suspended sentences to reflect what they have long been, ‘pretend sentences’ for women. In many respects women are above the law, and they know it.

6 thoughts on “Shamed teaching assistant, 30, escapes jail after she admitted having sex with a teenage student

  1. Can you imagine a situation where a 30 year old male teaching assistant would get a suspended sentence and a $100 fine for interfering with a 14-15 year old female student? The hypocrisy never ends!

  2. This paedophile not only abused a minor but she betrayed a professional trust and abused a position of power. How in the name of all that is sane can a stern ‘tsk tsk’ from the bench and a £100 fine be appropriate? How young does a boy have to be before a slut like this is properly punished – ten years old, five years old, six months old? Was she even placed on the Sex Offender Register? What steps are being taken to reduce the risk she poses to anything in a male school uniform?

  3. Let’s get our titles straight, In this case, Paedophile Teaching Assistant, 30, Escapes Jail After She Admitted Having Sex With A Student Because ‘Vagina’. 😉

    Did I mention that this blog is going from strength to strength and that I often as in the case of the above story re-post, to spread the word. Very best wishes to you Mike, Francis and all fellow MRAs.

  4. Two points strike me:

    1) No mention of the Sex Offenders’ Register.

    2) Although the victim is described as such, the acts this vile predatress forced the boy to perform are described as ‘sex acts the pair engaged in’ as though he was able to consent as an equal. They weren’t a pair and he was not able to consent; she was a responsible adult in a position of trust and he was a minor entrusted to her care

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