3 thoughts on “Sarah Vine: Why men accused of sex attacks should NOT be named

  1. While absolutely agreeing with its essential premise, I thought the article confused. Contrary to the authoress’s assertion, there is a very real problem with our police, which is not limited to the rules within which they are supposed to operate; far too many of them are manifestly unsuitable for the job and many should be in prison rather than police uniform. It is also true that some of those she named as innocent victims of false allegations were certainly paedophiles, and known to be so at the time.

    Resolving the problem of false rape allegations requires rather more than anonymity for the accused. That notwithstanding, it would be churlish of me not to concede that the item is a step in the right direction, and from a woman too, although I found most of the rest of what she had written puerile and gynocentric.

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