4 thoughts on “Dan Bell: Why does speaking out about the issues men face always trigger a furious reaction?

  1. feminists know that once men wake up to find themselves 2nd class citizens,the inevitable reaction will come. They try to make men believe they have it so good in order to delay any response. Surprisingly, most men still take the bait. Another problem is cultural,where men have been taught that somehow,for some reason, women needed to be advantaged across the board. When you put these two together,small wonder men are still sleepwalking in the forrest,instead of joining ‘the cavalry’.

  2. I read most of this stuff by mobile, and thus go to the mibile-friendky page which seems to not include comments. I spent a bunch of time searching the desktop version of telegraph, but came up with a goose egg for this specific article.

    Comments are always the funnest and I was looking forward to them. Any help on getting to those?

  3. The audacity of a man writing about men’s issues, even a feminist man (that will never make sense to me) gets dog-piled if he even suggests that he will write about masculinity. Feminists are growing more and more afraid, and more vicious, every day of men waking up and starting on the path of demanding the changes that are inevitable.

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