One thought on “Janet Bloomfield: Sexbots increase the market value of some women. Bring ‘em on!

  1. There isn’t even a shadow of a doubt that, having been developed, sex-bots will reach the open, commercial, consumer markets. The only question – and the most delicious legal punch-ups – will be over licencing and copyright. Do we each of us own the copyright to our own image? If some sleaxy chain of motels were to offer a complimentary sex-bot with each room and to make all of those sex-bots in, for random but pertinent example, the spitting image of ‘Big Red’ as that gentle, brave, feminist warrior is known, would they have the legal right? The alternative is that we each do own the copyright on our own image/look, in which case I predict a delay of some three or four minutes before some pop starlet with more pizzazz than talent licences her own fleet of lookalike sex-bots, signs a few major deal$ and makes $illy money for no e££ort. When sex-bots hit the market it will be one scenario or the other, so which will win? Modesty and privacy or huge money? I wonder…

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