Gerald Warner: Cultural Marxism is colonising Western boardrooms

An interesting piece by Gerald Warner for The Conservative Woman website. My only quibble would be with the title, presumably not chose by Warner himself. Cultural Marxism colonised Western boardrooms years ago. We need only observe the craven capitulation of FTSE100 companies to the government’s demands for more women on their boards, following the Davies Report (2011), for evidence of that fact.

2 thoughts on “Gerald Warner: Cultural Marxism is colonising Western boardrooms

  1. Equality drives are exactly what the communists were doing-with devastating consequences for the economy and society. Haven’t we learned anything from the ex- communist bloc ? Why are we tolerating and accepting the type of policies which failed across the board in past experiments? On what grounds are we accepting this now ? How is it compatible with market economics based on merit ? Those who advocate commuist economic philosophy need to be confronted in the same manner in which the west confronted communism. Even if this time around it is propagated by our own women (namely feminists) at home.

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