8 thoughts on “Feminists are angry that Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend is young and thin

  1. William,you hit the nail on the head with your last comment.
    Try as they might,feminists just can’t disguise the fact that the competition of young,slender and essentially more fertile females is their biggest nightmare. And that’s why we see those men who prefer the company of such women demonized to hysterical proportions. These days a man feels almost afraid to say that young,slender women are far more attractive than older,fatter ones. Lest he will be branded a pervert or a sexual predator …
    I think this farce has now gone far enough for the average man to notice and push back. Otherwise we might soon see the prison population to be 100% male.
    Men must no longer put it with this nonsense,no matter on what grounds. No grounds,be it tradition,history or culture, justifies this anymore. It is pure and simple feminist hysteria.
    Well done Kermit ! I hope more single men will follow Kermit’s example and ignore the feminist clap trap made out of sheer jealousy….

  2. How odd that we now have to discriminate against young thin women in order to show that we are not discriminating against women. I’m starting to suspect that the only women we must not discriminate against at all are the rancidly fat, ugly, hysterical lunatic ones who can do nothing socially useful and whom no man could possibly desire.

  3. I’ve thought long and hard about this. There’s only one plausible explanation for a gorgeous, slim young pig dating a skinny-legged weeble like Kermit. She’s after his amphibian DNA so that she can change sex and become a man-pig. She’s just using him and he’s going to be oh so embarrassed when she becomes a boxer. As in the sport, not a boxer dog. I don’t think that even amphibian DNA could make her a dog. Or perhaps…

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