William Collins: Harassment of women on trains

Interesting. So, how common is the problem of harassment of women on trains that Jeremy Corbyn, the leading contender for the Labour leadership, considers women-only carriages a sensible preventative measure? From the article:

Accepting that sex related crimes are concentrated on females, the probability of a female being subject to a sex related incident on the tube or surface train does not exceed 0.4 per million journeys.

Supposing a woman makes 400 such journeys per year for a working lifetime of 40 years, the probability of her being involved in a sex related incident, at any time in her life, is about 0.007.

3 thoughts on “William Collins: Harassment of women on trains

  1. the manhating ideology imposed by the “feminist” commisars and thought police conflates totally different things…..so that bottompinching or wolfwhistling is a sexcrime as vile as rape and just as deserving of draconian punishment….but maybe many women are actually flattered by mild physical interest from men…..that certainly used to be the case until recent years when the feminazis intensified their orwellian assault on human behaviour……i suspect the reality is that “sexual harassment” is ten times less today than a generation ago now that the feminazis have taught us that ALL male interest in females is vile

  2. Since I rarely travel on a train, maybe averaging 3-4 times a year during my 40 year business career, the one time that I was groped a train by a woman passenger takes me way beyond any random women’s probabilities. If there is one thing that I have learned during my years, it is that incidents that I have experienced have usually been experienced by other men as well. So maybe it’s men that have the high probability of being sexually assaulted on a train. Maybe a study should be done.

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