‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ Newsletter, Summer 2015

Our thanks to Nigel for this. Anyone who is deluded enough to accept the government’s rationale for including violence against men and boys within the term ‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ – VAWG – should read the report. More clued-up people will also find it interesting.

FGM alone takes up pp.4-7. A few examples of the report’s lack of interest in violence committed against men and boys, starting with a few lines from the Foreword (p.3):

Much has happened since our last newsletter in March not least the election of a new Government which has made it clear that protecting women and girls from violence, [my emphasis] and supporting victims and survivors of sexual violence, remains a key priority.

The Government is committed to publishing an updated VAWG strategy in the Autumn, and we are currently engaged in working with departments across government, and consulting with women’s groups, [my emphasis] third sector organisations and wider experts, on the development of that strategy.

On p.10:

Government Equalities Office
Launch of Online Abuse Website:
Stop Online Abuse
In June 2015, the Government launched a new website (Stop Online Abuse) to help people take action against offensive, damaging or threatening content in all forms of media, particularly online. The website provides practical advice for women and LGB&T adults [my emphasis] on how to recognise abuse, steps to take to report it and how to get offensive content removed.

So, the term ‘people’ doesn’t include heterosexual men. I guess that must mean they’re never abused online.

Just a few examples of the many organizations in the report, with no interest in violence committed against men and boys:

Women’s Aid – pp.19-22

Rape Crisis – p.25. Their entry includes this:

Rape Crisis supports hard-hitting new Army campaign on sexual consent
The Army has launched a bold new campaign intended to raise soldiers’ awareness and understanding of rape. In a series of hard-hitting posters, the campaign stresses the importance of gaining full, freely given consent to any sexual activity and on every occasion. Unlike many campaigns aimed at sexual violence prevention, the posters address their messaging towards those with the real power to prevent rape, the rapists and potential rapists, rather than trying to ‘educate’ victims and potential victims about how to ‘keep themselves safe’ from attack.

The campaign will probably increase the number of women being raped, by disinclining them to take reasonable responsibility for their own safety. Does Rape Crisis or the Army seriously imagine that potential rapists will be deterred from raping, as a result of a campaign ‘to raise soldiers’ awareness and understanding of rape’?

We can be sure that ‘freely given consent’ will exclude occasions when women have drunk alcohol – gasp! – and later regretted sexual encounters, retrospectively withdrawing their ‘consent’, thereby turning the encounters into rape. Because God forbid any woman can be expected to have any moral agency after touching a drop of alcohol, although one of the key reasons women – in common with men – drink alcohol is to lower their inhibitions.

White Ribbon – pp.26,27

BAWSO – Working with Men in the Fight Against FGM – pp.35-36. No recognition that FGM is overwhelmingly carried out by women at the behest of women.

Curiously, there is no organization cited in the report, working with women in the fight against MGM. That would, after all, be the wrong sort of gender equality.

3 thoughts on “‘Violence Against Women and Girls’ Newsletter, Summer 2015

  1. I see that they have figured out how to get around their problem with failing to find any men to prosecute for carrying out FGM. They have “created a new offence of failing to protect a girl from risk of FGM” – so they can now prosecute the father.

  2. A friend of mine died of cancer three years ago. He was one of the nicest men I have ever met. However, he was very weak where women were concerned and while in no sense the sort of white knight who jumps at every chance to protect a woman he was completely incapable of standing up to them and was easily manipulated. Talking of the problems he’d experienced in getting his aggressive cancer diagnosed, he said to me, with some bitterness, while a hospice in-patient, that had he been a woman his concerns about the lump growing in his armpit would not have been laughed at and he would have been examined thoroughly straight away. I don’t think he’d ever have swallowed the red pill, had he lived; he would undoubtedly have seen things from a significantly less gynocentric position however.

    The point of all that? I don’t think most men will wake up until they realise that we are being sacrificed on the altar of a hateful ideology for the comfort and convenience of women. Any measure that increases institutionalised female privilege, and consequent male disadvantage, to the point that it can no longer be ignored or tolerated is to be welcomed. There is no gain without pain.

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