Today a promising new website came to our attention. We assume it to be the brainchild of a mother in either the United States or Canada – moms4dads. The start of the ‘About’ section should give you a flavour of the site’s contents:

This blog is a mom’s attempt to support dads around the world and show men and boys the love, gratitude and respect they all deserve. This is my way of supporting males in their war against a world that constantly vilifies, dehumanizes, abuses and enslaves them.


At the moment, males are the weak sex and second-class citizens. There is no equality and males’ human rights, as well as free speech and democracy, are in serious danger.

The unfair treatment they face can be seen in the following examples:

genital mutilation: despite being a type of genital mutilation, it is still legal. No matter what your religion is, circumcision, unless it’s done for irrefutable necessary medical reasons, is a violation of humans’ rights, just as female genital mutilation and as such should be illegal. A baby cannot make this decision, which is irreversible, so I think it should be illegal.

unfair treatment in court: divorce laws are totally against husbands and fathers, who often lose custody of their children and all they have honestly earned by working hard for years and their lives are ruined by alimony and often can be sent to jail: also, there are huge double standards in how the law works for men and women who have committed the same crime. Men are punished more than women.

In a moment we’ll add the site to our lengthy list of recommended websites.

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