Recommended websites

There’s a large and fast-expanding number of websites of interest to people who are interested in men’s and boys’ issues, their human rights, and have non-feminist or anti-feminist perspectives. If you have time to follow only one site, we strongly recommend A Voice for Men, the world’s most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website. Please let me know of any websites which you think might usefully be added to the following list, or removed for any reason. Thank you.




Addiction Helper

Ageing Without Children

Aimee C Nicholls

Alternative Sexism Project


Angela Epstein

Angry Harry

Anti-Feminism League

Anti-Feminist UK

Anti-misandry (Facebook)


Biased BBC

Brain Sex Matters

Campaign for Merit in Business

Campaign for Real Education

Can’t Explain

Captain Nemo

Childcare Proceedings Exposed

Conservative Woman

Court Without a Lawyer

Dad’s House

Daily Mash

Domestic Violence

Dr Randomercam

Equal Parenting Alliance

Erin Pizzey

Everyday Whorephobia

Ex Injuria

Exposing Feminism

False Allegations Support Organisation

Families Aid

Families Need Fathers

Families Need Fathers (YouTube)

Female fed up with feminism


FemFist – our choices, your throat

FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru

Gender Equity Network

Genital Autonomy

Guardian Watch

Healing Men

Helping Men


Herbert Purdy

Ignored Gender, The

Is the BBC biased?

Jews Against Circumcision

Jordan Holbrook

Justice for Families

Karen Woodall

Ladies for Philip Davies

London Group

Lucy Faithfull

Male Survivors Trust

Mankind Counselling

Mankind Initiative

Me and my Dad

Melanie Phillips

Men beyond 50

Men Chat

Men Have Rights Too

Men Matters (YouTube)

Men’s Aid

Men’s Groups

Men’s Health Forum

Men Shouldn’t Marry

Men’s Human Rights Ireland

Men’s Human Rights Movement (Facebook)

Men’s Minds Matter

Men’s Rights (Reddit)

Men’s Rights Movement (Facebook)

Men’s Rights News (Facebook)

Men’s Rights UK (Facebook)

Men’s Sheds (Ireland)

Messenger Rising


Mike Buchanan (Facebook)

Mind Our Men

Mothers at Home Matter


Mums and Dads

Network4Men (N4M)

New Fathers 4 Justice


Parental Alienation

Parents Against Injustice


Peter Hitchens

Peter Saunders


Protection for Men (Facebook)

Punishment Without Crime

Quiet Riot Girl

Real Sexism Project

Red Pill


Rights of Man, The

Sargon of Akkad

Science vs Feminism

Separated Families Matter

So Angry

Spinosaurus Kin

St George West


Survivors Manchester


The real story of my twin boys, Oliver and Oscar Ferreira



Unknown Misandry


William Collins (mra-uk)

World 4 Justice

Zara Faris


1 in 6

A Catalogue of Lies

A Voice for Male Students

A Voice for Men

Accuracy in Academia

After Abortion

Alimony Reform

Alison Tieman – YouTube

An Ear for Men

Anti-Misandry (Curing Feminist Indoctrination)

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child


Barbarossaaaa – YouTube

Bill Burr (comedian)

Breaking Away from Modern Feminism (why this woman is leaving the collective)

Breaking the Glasses

Brother K (Bloodstained Men)


Carnell Smith

Community of the Wrongly Accused

Daddy Justice


Dean Esmay – YouTube


Eagle Forum

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo

Emma the Emo

Fathers 4 Justice (US)

Fathers for Life

Fearless Fathers

Feels and Reals

Female Sex Offenders

Feminist Deconstructionism

Feminists for Life

Fighting for Men’s Rights

Francis Roy

Freedom for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Freedomain Radio

Genderratic (Honey Badger Brigade)

Glenn Sacks


History of Circumcision

Honey Badger Brigade

Independent Women’s Forum

Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch)

Jews Against Circumcision

Jim Jefferies (comedian)

Julie Borowski

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) – blog

Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) – YouTube

Ladies Against Feminism

Life After Women – YouTube

Life News

Lone Fathers


Mark Rudov

Men are Good (Tom Golden)

Men are Good (Tom Golden) – YouTube

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

Men Matter Too

Men’s Activism News

Men’s Mental Health Network

Men’s Psychology (Eldritch Edain)

Men’s Rights Blog

Men’s Rights Edmonton

Men’s Rights (Reddit)

Men’s Tribune

MHRA Connect


MRA Greatest Hits

My Synaptic Spasm

National Coalition for Men

Neonatal Cutting

New Male Studies

North Carolina Fathers

Paul Elam – YouTube

Platform for European Fathers

Pro-Male / Anti-Feminist Technology

Relating to Men

Sage Gerard (Victor Zen) – blog

Sage Gerard (Victor Zen) – YouTube

Save Indian Family Foundation

Secular Traditionalist

Shrink4Men (Dr Tara J Palmatier)



Steve Brule – blog

Steve Brule – YouTube

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Terrence Popp (Redonkulas)

The Counter-Feminist

The Real Sexism Project

The Reinvention of Man

The Shed Online

The SoCraddock Method

The Thinking Housewife

Theryn Meyer

Toy Soldiers

Trey of Triforia (YouTube)

Victor Maltby

Viva La Manosphere!

Warren Farrell

White Ribbon (Erin Pizzey)

Women Against Feminism

Women Against Men

Women for Men