Institute of Economic Affairs: Smokers are heavily subsidising the healthcare of non-smokers

I’ve had a soft spot for the IEA (Institute of Economic Affairs) – a London-based think tank – for many years. It was Margaret Thatcher’s favourite think-tank, which is a fine start, and in 2012 the IEA kindly hosted my presentation on the impact of artificially increasing female representation on boards – whether through legislated quotas, or the threat of them, as in the UK – which leads (on average) to corporate financial decline. Anyone doubting the assertion might like to read our short briefing paper on the matter.

The IEA has just published a piece by Mark Littlewood, Director General, on smoking. Enjoy. The next time you see someone smoking, thank them for subsidising your healthcare. If that doesn’t make them splutter and cough, nothing will.

One thought on “Institute of Economic Affairs: Smokers are heavily subsidising the healthcare of non-smokers

  1. The tax take must have increased considerably in recent years because It was known long ago that smokers contributed three times more to the exchequer than the cost of treatment for supposedly smoking related diseases (diseases that are also suffered by people who have never smoked). The same is more or less true for drinkers, and those who drive ‘gas guzzling’ cars. The hypocrisy of campaigners against such pleasures is sickening. That notwithstanding, most of the smokers I see these days seem to be youngish working class women with a horde of small children, which makes their tobacco taxes a small contribution towards the cost of their keep.

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