What are your views on the BBC? What should it do more of, and less of, in the future?

My thanks to Ray for this. It’s an online survey relating to the BBC charter review. Responses are invited from ‘anyone from any background’, the deadline is 18 September, and individual responses will not be published.

I urge you to join with me in responding to the survey, perhaps noting (in your own words) the relentless focus on women’s issues, seen through a feminist lens, and refusal to give appropriate coverage of men’s issues, and anti-feminist perspectives. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “What are your views on the BBC? What should it do more of, and less of, in the future?

  1. The story of the BBC is nothing less than the story of Britain,the story of the western world. It is the mirror image of what is happening in the whole western world. The laziness,lack of self respect and apathy of its men are the primary cause of all of this.If our men think all they need to do is open doors for women and drink pints of beer at the pub,then today’s situation is the natural outcome.
    Restoring the BBC to it former great self will require starting to hold women accountable,demanding that female presenters dress in an appropriate,conservative attire,that the broadcasting is impartial again…if our men want to pass up on all that because they wrongly believe that gentlemen should allow ladies to get away with complete insanity,just because they are ladies,then the current situation is what our men truly deserve.

  2. Survey completed, although I must say that I have given up entirely on any and all of the BBC’s output and now no longer listen, watch or read any of it. I seriously doubt that anyone who is not a feminist really gives a gnat’s flatulence about the mortal remains of the BBC these days. I might attend the funeral if they can find enough of the BBC to bury, but only for the tea and cakes afterwards.

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