An email from PayPal?

Nothing to do with gender politics, but I’ve just received an email, purportedly from PayPal. It starts:

Your Account Will Be Closed !

Hello, Dear Membre. (sic)

Your Account Will Be Closed , Until We Here (sic) From You .
To Update Your Information . Simply click on the web address below

You have to admire people who can’t write decent English, having a bash at internet fraud through representing themselves as working for financial institutions.

Ambition is a fine quality. In the same vein, you wouldn’t believe the number of expatriates with the surname ‘Buchanan’ who die in car or plane crashes every month – invariably in African countries, mysteriously – leaving multi-million pound sums in banks, just waiting for a safe place to be deposited. Sadly, I’m just too pressed for time to reply to the bank clerks who kindly inform me of these matters.

2 thoughts on “An email from PayPal?

  1. Dear Brother MIcHael: I Have, a Big lot of smelly money, burning, a whole,in my wifes’ trunk accunts, and I need your credit card etils. middittly, to sav her from your loving sister mrs emanual, your sever in Christ my beloved broyther and cash transactions in oparadise herafter

    Yours in truth

    Sister Jenona of the immaculate hereafter and I will love you in Christs afterglow if you can send cash now.

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