Woman admits sexually abusing her stepson over six years, not charged by the police

Our general election manifesto manifesto had a lengthy section on sexual abuse (pp 31-37). From the first page:

People struggle to recognize women as perpetrators of sexual and non-sexual violence, in spite of the weight of evidence showing them to be frequent perpetrators of both. This is because we live in a culture which regards men as ‘actors’ and women as ‘acted upon’. The public has become conditioned to viewing men as perpetrators, and women as victims. Alison Tieman, a Canadian men’s human rights advocate, produced an insightful short video on this matter.

This culture leads to inequalities. Few women are held accountable for sex offences, including those women who sexually abuse children. It’s known from a major American survey (details below) that slightly over 25% of sex offences are committed by women against men (with no male accomplices). We would therefore expect the male/female ratio of people charged with sex offences to be a little under 3:1. In the UK, in 2013, the ratio was 146:1.

I have the occasional exchange of letters with a man who’s in prison for reasons which are not relevant to this post. With his permission, I’m reproducing part of the original letter he sent me:

When I was a boy, in the 1970s, I was regularly raped by my father and step-mother. Not one night, not one week, not one month, not even one year. These ‘threesomes’ went on for six years, when I was between eight and fourteen years old. I was raped, molested, battered, imprisoned and almost murdered (strangulation).

My father was convicted of eight counts of sexual offences with children, and given a prison sentence of seven years.

My stepmother groomed me with porno mags. She admitted some of her abuse to the police and social services, and gave an official statement to the police. She wasn’t charged with a single offence!!!

Is that justice? Is that right? So I was raped of justice and truth.

Does equality in/of the law exist in the UK?

Can you imagine what this has done to me as a person?

10 thoughts on “Woman admits sexually abusing her stepson over six years, not charged by the police

  1. Dear Mike,

    This video which uses magnets to explain the Acted and Acted Upon is wonderful. It is what I preach in my training sessions on working with male victims of domestic violence.

    How can I get a copy of this video to use in my training sessions so I do not infringe copyrights?

    With Best Wishes

    Gerald Cash Founder and Chairman, Men Have Rights Too

  2. We do not need more laws, we simply need a more effective means of holding to account those who govern us and administer our justice according to our laws.

  3. There needs to be a mandatory statute that ensures sentencing must be equal for both genders. The constitution certainly implies it but it is not being followed up on.
    It is simply unacceptable to dish it out to men and let women walk free.. But we need to become aware that this disparity is a trademark of western societies first and foremost. It would not be tolerated in most non-western cultures.
    And I am talking about the very societies that preach to the rest of the world about gender equality.

  4. Pointed the lack of female sex abuser prosecutions to Police movingScotland based upon their own data
    Its a lot higher than 146:1
    In effect our Criminal “Justice” System is complicit in child sex abuse by not confronting this issue or removing these female perverts from the children the police know they are abusing.

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