Ally Fogg: ‘CPS erasure of male victims…. VICTORY!’

Ally Fogg, a feminist Guardian columnist and blogger on men’s issues, is branching out into writing comedy. It’s the only obvious rational explanation for a blog piece he’s just published, claiming ‘victory’ in the wake of his letter (co-signed by 30 ‘decent, sensible’ people, none of whom publicly self-identify as anti-feminists) about the CPS, which was published by the Guardian recently.

I’ve left a lengthy comment (#7) and have taken a copy in case he deletes it – in which case I’ll add it to this piece.

2 thoughts on “Ally Fogg: ‘CPS erasure of male victims…. VICTORY!’

  1. I left the following comment:

    Ally Fogg wrote:

    hahaha, Mike, diddums, you are pathetic … and you’re either still sulking or too stupid to recognise the significance of that.

    It isn’t hard to see why you’re a feminist Ally, with that infantile level of debate.’

    I originally wrote something more forceful but remembered that people have been getting into serious trouble on Twitter and Reddit for disagreeing vigorously with feminists so toned it down considerably.

    I wonder how long it will be up for.

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