‘The Conservative Woman’ has republished our piece on the gender pay gap

[Note added 18.7.15: A transfer of data to a new server by ‘The Conservative Woman’ following initial publication on 15.7.15 unfortunately resulted in the piece not being accessible, and the lengthy comments stream being lost. The piece was published on the site for a second time 18.7.15.]

Followers of this website will know we’re big fans of The Conservative Woman. The website isn’t aligned with the Conservative party, so it’s free to point out that the Conservatives have been woeful when it comes to policy related to families – and other gender-related matters – and only gets worse over time.

The general quality of the website’s output is excellent, so we were pleased when they asked to republish our recent piece on David Cameron’s bid to end the ‘gender pay gap’, after Dave and his colleagues seemingly swallowed the often-discredited feminist narrative on the subject hook, line, and sinker.

The piece is here, and we invite you to both vote for it and leave a comment. Thank you.

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