I’m about to take a break until Monday 27 July, but I’ve just been through the J4MB bank accounts with the party treasurer for the first time in a while. I was delighted to see some generous donations in the past two months, as well as a number of new standing orders for £8.33 pcm, the sum required for Bronze membership, to fund an individual candidate’s deposit in 2020. Details of party membership options can be accessed here, these donations are being ring-fenced for the candidate’s deposits.

Single donations to support the party’s campaign work (as well as recurring monthly donations) can be made here, by PayPal, credit or debit cards.

The party treasurer informs me that in some cases there is no way to identify the donors, and no contact details. So if you’ve made a donation and not received an acknowledgement, that will be why, and I’d ask you to contact me Thank you for your generous support of our work.

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