Bill Maher on the feminisation of America

Bill Maher is a famous American comedian. Last year we posted a link to an eight-minute long video of him talking about the feminisation of America. I’m putting the finishing touches to the talk I’ll be giving to MGTOWs on Thursday, and I watched the video again to capture his exact words on an issue. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Bill Maher on the feminisation of America

  1. and that he feels safe to do so is an indicator of just how successful the men’s movement is.

    Not really. Even in the 80s and 90s, he was confronting feminism. Check out his interview with a young Camille Paglia (available on YT).
    Unfortunately, he is still a big believer in rape-culture. When the feminist propaganda documentary “The Hunting Ground” was released here in the US, Bill Maher bought it hook, line and sinker. So did many other comedians like Jon Stewart.
    Real Time with Bill Maher: The Hunting Ground (HBO)
    He is ready and willing to believe that 1-in-4 women on campuses are raped. That campuses are incentivized to hide such rape.

  2. You can see that things are bad when a ‘left wing’ American comedian like Maher, who isn’t that funny, decides to confront women with the realities of life, and that he feels safe to do so is an indicator of just how successful the men’s movement is. Note though that like Bill Burr, Maher makes a point of stating clearly that he’s not saying all women are like that (and many men are cads too) because of course very nearly all women are like that and will assume that they are personally under attack. A man that successful doesn’t take risks, unless he’s out of his head on cocaine.

    I liked the analogies of the house cat and the alley cat, and the Mustang and the Central Park draught horse. I also liked the brutal truth that the issue is not one of physical characteristics but old and new.

    Good luck on Thursday evening. I wish I could be there.

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