Natalie Bennett, feminist leader of the Green Party, at Glastonbury, opposing ‘mansplaining’

Our thanks to John for this photograph of Natalie Bennett at Glastonbury, opposing ‘mansplaining’. We enjoyed William Gruff’s comments on the original blog post, posted earlier today:

‘Mansplaining’ is any rational refutation of feminist stupidity that misandrous women cannot counter. That aside, you can rest assured that men don’t vote for the Greens – manginas yes, men no.

Good points, well made, William.

Ms Bennett’s profile on the Green Party website, the emphasis is mine:

Natalie has been the elected leader of the Green Party since September 2012. She was previously the Co-ordinator of Camden Greens and founding chair of the Green Party Women’s Group. In the 2015 General Election, she stood in Holborn and St Pancras, winning 13% of the vote.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she has lived in London since 1999.

She started her career as a journalist in rural New South Wales and has worked for the Bangkok Post, the Telegraph, the Independent, The Times and, most recently, as editor of Guardian Weekly.

Natalie obtained a degree in agricultural science from the University of Sydney, making her the only political leader in the country with a scientific background.

She spent two years in Bangkok working with the National Commission on Women’s Affairs, on its report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. She also worked as a consultant with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) on child labour issues and World Health Organization (WHO) on women’s health.

She was a trustee of the Fawcett Society, Britain’s pre-eminent women’s issues group, from 2010-2014, she was the founder of the blog Carnival of Feminists and is an active campaign (sic) on women’s issues.

Within the party she’s been an active worker on policy, on issues ranging from the abolition of the Corporation of the City of London to abortion rights, proportional liability on the roads to job-share MPs and a 40% quota for women on major company boards, the treatment of women offenders and the rights of asylum-seekers and sex workers.

Natalie served as the internal communications coordinator for the party from September 2007-2010 and was the founding chair of Green Party Women.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here? More importantly, why would any man – or any normal woman, for that matter – work for or vote for the Green party, with such an obnoxious feminist in charge?

The word ‘obnoxious’ is superfluous, of course, being implied in the word ‘feminist’.

Now, where’s the link to the legendary Nick Ferrari interview of Ms Bennett on LBC?

11 thoughts on “Natalie Bennett, feminist leader of the Green Party, at Glastonbury, opposing ‘mansplaining’

  1. Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for replying here, it is good to have representatives of other parties contributing here and I do things some of the replies have been a little unfair or at least fail to cite sufficient sources. I do have more than a few concerns with your response and perhaps you can better inform us of Green Party/NB policies

    1. J4MB aside, the only party with a concrete commitment to shared parenting is UKIP. I haven’t seen anything significant from the Greens on this matter. Can you point to the part of your manifesto which covers this please? I’ve had a look through you policy pages and can’t find any hint of a mention of it. I’ve even searched your entire website and here’s not a single hit for “shared parenting” to be found anywhere! This analysis also mentions that fathers don’t get a mention anywhere in your manifesto:

    2. Further to the above, you do mention NB’s own opinions on parenting as well as the party as a whole but she seems to fail this test even more so than the party. Your imply she supports shared parenting, yet all the evidence points to this being totally false (or at least it was until very recently). Bennett previously had a senior role at the Fawcett Society and only left last year. Although they pretend to support shed parenting, in reality they are opposed to almost all the key aspects of it and therefore the ones stopping it becoming reality. For one thing they actually oppose allowing mothers to share much of their maternity leave with fathers:
    They also even oppose the presumption of 50:50 parenting in cases of separation, instead supporting ridiculous proposals of group “The Rights of Women”. This group is about as extreme as you can get when it comes to man-hating feminism and the 50:50 assumption is the main cornerstone of shared parenting policy.

    3. If the Greens/Bennett truly support gender equality then what the hell is up with your sexist prisons policy? That’s easily the most sexist policy of any party out there, the sexist policy is now widely known and makes you an absolutely laughing stock when it comes to any gender equality related issues:

    4. I also recall the Greens having extremely sexist and completely outdated approaches to domestic violence. Is this still the case?


  2. MIke, I’ve just noticed that the green mangina was alluding to ‘some journalists [with] a carrot stuck up their backsides’. Are you a journalist? If you are, I hope the necessary carrotectomy can be performed ‘on the National Health’, although I fear that, since NHS spending on female health is more than eight times that on male, your night vision may be significantly better through your arse than your eyes. Take heart that if so you may have an opportunity to understand the world as (Dr) Nigel does.

  3. (Dr) Nigel Miles wrote:

    … 99.9999999% of female GP members declare that feminism is about balance, not control.

    They would say that, wouldn’t they, since ‘99.9999999%’ (a percentage that requires a party membership greater than the human population of the world) of feminists (is there a female Green Party member who isn’t avowedly feminist to some degree) give every impression of believing that ‘balance’ can only exist when they are in complete control of every aspect of everyone’s lives.

    The rest of your incoherent and jargon laden diatribe is as infantile and disconnected from reality: ‘insuperable parity of all aspects of societal interaction’ cannot be achieved until women accept the loss of all the social, legal, political and economic privileges and advantages they currently enjoy. Get real!

    Do you really have a doctorate?

    PS: ‘Harmon’ is correctly spelled Harman.

  4. “Ask NB her actual opinions about parenting and equality. Is this what is to be implied by this article?… feminism is about balance, not control.”

    Your ignorance about gender politics is truly breathtaking. Feminism is a female supremacy movement driven my misandry. I recommend you subscribe to and learn about feminism.

  5. Green Party prisons policy:

    CJ381 and CJ382

    CJ381 Recognising the nature of the female prison population, with high levels of mental illness, experience of being a victim of crimes such as sexual assault and domestic violence, and caring responsibilities for children, the only women who should be in custody are those very few that commit serious and violent crimes and who present a threat to the public.

    CJ382 For the vast majority of women in the criminal justice system, solutions in the community are more appropriate. Community sentences must be designed to take account of women’s particular vulnerabilities and domestic and childcare commitments. The restrictions placed on sentencers around breaches of community orders must be made more flexible.

  6. “Aways your enemy will come at you in disguise.
    Once the disguise is seen through realise that you are under attack and that the assault is already well advanced”.
    Green politics is an excellent example of this, and like all the best smoke screens purports to be acting in all conscience for the good of the Earth and humankind – so how could any right thinking person oppose it.
    In truth, it is pursuing the ubiqiuitous and age old goal of POWER which once secured will be used to create an elite which will seize the wealth of the nation and trample on the freedoms of the people.
    How do I know this?
    Because it is always the case without exception.
    Few will be surprised that Greenism and Feminsm find common cause, since both are totalitatrian, pernicious ideologies to the core.

    Feminism – the clue’s in the name.

  7. Oh dear some journalists have got a carrot stuck up their backsides over an issue blown out of, proverbial, proportion.
    The issue does imply that NB is an “obnoxious feminist”. Might be best to be straight about some facts though rather than subjective assumptions . Ask NB her actual opinions about parenting and equality. Is this what is to be implied by this article? Then you would surprised by getting the result that 99.9999999% of female GP members declare that feminism is about balance, not control.
    However what is missing from this scenario is that irrespective of what her stance is on equality, well the boat has “already been launched” on this issue by the Greens. lnsuperable parity of all aspects of societal interaction is the reality. This is in the Green’s manifesto including that of parenting; please come up to speed on this position for which you should be more concerned with those truly aggressive feminists in the blue, red and yellow parties who have consistently since the enaction of the Children’s Act particularly that notorious one of ’89 and all further related legislation which has profoundly allowed children to be continually domestically abused because they don’t believe in families.
    It is the Harmon’s and May’s of our political world you should be really concerned about seeing they ousted Ken Clarke when he was about to rubber stamp such parity in the Children and Family Act of 2014…but was dismissed from his job and by whom??? Get real.
    Don’t alienate your friends who want the parity we and society are really needing and have done for at least a generation and more!

    (Dr.) Nigel Miles
    Social Parity Working Group

  8. I don’t keep in touch with agricultural and veterinary issues but I thought they’d eradicated Mad Cow Disease?

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