The Guardian publishes an open letter from Ally Fogg and others

The Guardian has today published a letter from Ally Fogg and others in relation to the recent CPS report on ‘Violence against Women and Girls, Crime Report 2014/15’. Details here. I’ve posted a comment with a link to the 154-page report on intimate partner violence which we sent to the Home Office last October.

Ally’s already replied to my comment, calling me an overt misogynist, perhaps you’d like to offer a comment?

2 thoughts on “The Guardian publishes an open letter from Ally Fogg and others

  1. Having read your comment and Ally Fogg’s reply, I have chosen to comment here because I can’t be arsed to respond to him in his bit of cyberspace, especially as it is likely to provoke the hornet’s nest of his incestuous following, who never miss a chance to massage his ego in their endless anality.

    As usual, he deserves 11 out of 10 for sheer chutzpah and utter hypocrisy. It must be comforting for him to know that he has the monopoly of wisdom and all the moral high ground in this area.

    And (with some exceptions), it’s a pretty motley crew of signatories he has managed to assemble and pass off as his circle. It says a lot about him. Hardly hard hitters, and most with their own little agendas, like Jane Powell who thinks the answer to men’s suicidal tendencies is to accept that their manliness is because of the imposition of a false gender role – a la pure, unadulterated, feminist dogma, which is, obviously, the answer to all things for men. ‘On ne naît pas homme: on le devient.’ Peut être? (You know what? I somehow don’t think so?) I shudder to think what that woman is doing to vulnerable men. She is a recruiting sergeant for the very ideology that is causing men to lose their will to live. Such pernicious underhandedness. Ughh!

    Like Powell, Ally Fogg has no human interest in the realities of what is happening to men. He is only trying to carve out a space for his own narcissism (I mean, the title of his blog just speaks volumes, n’est ce-pas?) – seeking strokes from the crazies who infest his comments stream, whom he both indulges, encourages – and provokes outrageously to get more column-centimetres out of them – and to undermine any reaction against the Marxism that oozes between every word he writes, every angle he takes. (Much what you’d expect from a Guardian contributor methinks?)

    Oh, and lest I forget, to turn a coin for his mostly arcane writings, of course. We mustn’t forget that must we?

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