The men’s rights movement is NOT the mirror image of feminism

A common and lazy way to dismiss arguments made by MRAs is to say that the MRM is the mirror image of feminism, also playing the victim card. It’s deeply, demonstrably wrong. The victimhood of women and girls claimed by feminists consists of conspiracy theories, fantasies, lies, delusions and myths. Radical feminist lies have been debunked countless times, but won’t die, in part because the state and the mainstream media give employment to so many feminists, and their male collaborators. Anti-feminists have no such incomes.

Radical feminists are to be found in senior positions in all public bodies. A high-profile example is Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions. We published a post on the latest Crown Prosecution Service report yesterday. ‘Violence against women and girls’ is officially defined as including ‘violence against men and boys’. In the CPS’s associated three-page press release, which included a statement by Polly Neate (CEO, Women’s Aid), there was only one sentence relating to males specifically, in a section on child abuse, near the end of the document. It noted that men and boys ‘can be’ victims of violence. Not ‘are’, but ‘can be’. The monstrous women couldn’t even concede that stark reality.

In contrast, the majority of MRAs point to poor outcomes for men and boys, and then provide verifiable evidence as to the causes of those outcomes. In the UK and other developed countries, the cause is almost always the state’s actions and inactions, although it’s mainly men who finance the state.

So it was disappointing to read a piece in Spiked by a student, an intern, parroting the ‘mirror image’ lie. I’ve left a comment, and invite you to do likewise.

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “The men’s rights movement is NOT the mirror image of feminism

  1. Sadly not an aberration. In a recent lengthy piece Brendan O’Neill called MRAs the most pathetic people in the political firmament (or words to that effect). That said, Spiked has published good pieces about feminism, usually about its intolerance of free speech.

  2. Of course it is not.
    Men’s rights movement is about genuine equal treatment in society,family and the court system,it is about merit in business,education and simple logic.
    Women’s ‘rights movement’ as conducted by the feminists is about advantages,perks,exemptions from hard tasks,double standards (lower standards for women), whims and demands of equal pay even when performance is lesser. It is therefore about deceipt,lies and extortion.

    That is the difference between men’s and women’s rights movements.

  3. It is rather disappointing for what is usually a good read.
    Perhaps they’re taking the Private Eye approach and just criticizing everything.
    Let’s hope it’s an aberration.

  4. The point is not an unreasonable one, if a certain distorted perspective is admitted, and we should be grateful to feminists for offering us yet another groundless assertion to discuss and dismiss as we create our rational and incontrovertible intellectual foundation. Each silly statement is another plate in our armour.

    Give them enough rope … and women can never resist taking more of anything.

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